Our Values

By working with Hopkins Search, you can expect:

  1. An intense, passionate focus on a handful of practice areas that span leading business and philanthropy organizations, so you can draw from a diverse, expansive talent pool.

  2. A true search approach to identifying exemplary candidates with a proven methodology called Behavioral Interviewing.

  3. A personal team of Hopkins Search professionals dedicated to simplifying the process of finding you an inspiring leader with integrity.

  4. Clear, honest, and transparent communication and processes.

  5. Trusted ambassadors who understand your work as if it were their own.

Hopkins Search finds executive talent that will lead your organization with integrity, accountability, and drive. We accomplish this:

With Respect: We recognize that our work can have a profound impact on your organization as well as on an individual’s professional path. This demands intense respect and thoughtfulness toward you and your candidates. You can expect a trusting, experienced principal as the single point of contact to drive your search forward.

With True Search: For us, search is a very creative and thrilling pursuit. Compelling leaders are often discovered in unlikely places and it is our passion—with your collaboration—to find the ideal candidate for your organization. We truly believe in the concept of search.

With Empathy: We will continue to delve into the particulars of your organization to ensure that we are fairly and accurately representing your interests, while fiercely honoring your confidentiality. With a deft awareness of your search goals, we can speak the subtle language of your organization—and that of the candidate.


Hopkins Search will find the right match for your organization by distilling myriad details about the nature of your work, your desire for growth, and your organization’s culture into one essential piece of information: a deep understanding of the leader you want to recruit.

Our philosophical approach to executive search is about authenticity: Real people are at the heart of every search, and our focus is on uncovering their core motivations, not just examining their performance, to evaluate whether they are ideal for your organization. We get past the polished executive speak and charisma in order to discover where real integrity lives.

Using our Behavioral Interviewing approach, we craft questions designed to elicit evidence of character, intellect, and the ability to perform as an authentic leader. A resume shows evidence of successful performance, but we are also deeply interested in a candidate’s intellectual flow. Our interview questions are designed to understand how a candidate thinks because it reveals the true mark of their leadership style. We apply the same behavioral questioning to reference checking to create an authentic profile.


We want you to feel confident in the approach that uncovers your organization’s next great leader. With creativity, thoughtfulness, and care, we adhere to an exacting protocol that sets your expectations and drives the mission forward.

As with any serious endeavor, a clear and practiced methodology is our guide.

PHASE I: Strategy & Research (Weeks 1 – 2)

  1. Trilogy and client discuss vision, strategy, culture and short-/long-term goals.

  2. Specific behavioral screening questions are developed, along with a profile that captures the essence of the ideal candidate.

  3. Research is conducted, drawing on 2,500+ sources of content from more than 30 information providers; national and international networks that cross all sectors are engaged. We look among both the obvious and the uncommon.

Outcome: Focused, collaborative, and dynamic search process that uncovers outstanding candidates.

PHASE II: Selection & Due Diligence (Weeks 3 – 8)

  1. Filtering begins and the field narrows. Hopkins Search serves as client ambassador, ensuring that candidates have a clear understanding of the opportunity at hand while vetting each potential leader. Throughout, we provide weekly communications to the client.

  2. Finalists are selected and presented to the client; close communication with client and candidate keeps everyone on track and informed.

  3. Once the search committee selects a candidate, Hopkins Search performs a final background check; findings are presented to the client.

Outcome: The best candidate is selected and thoroughly vetted.

PHASE III: Collaboration & Transition (Week 8, plus 1 – 4 weeks for transition)

  1. The offer is designed, a collaboration between Hopkins Search and client. Hopkins Search extends offer to candidate, providing advisory services throughout negotiations until the offer is accepted.

  2. We work with you to plan an efficient transition, ensuring candidate integrates into the new environment smoothly and effectively.

Outcome: Successful engagement, and delighted client and candidate.